Sunday, September 21, 2008

Corporal Punishment inflincted against the male youth.

Most boys growing up today are rarely struck by their elders. Boys nowadays are completely unaware of a forgotten age, when corporal punishment was the rule. It might seem difficult to believe, but, there was a time when parents would only use physical punishment against boys, while never punishing girls in this manner.

More importantly, it was common for the mother to actually pull down the boys pants (& underwear) in order to add emotional humiliation to the physical pain. It's also difficult to believe, this was often done in the presence of guests, which sometimes included mixed company amongst his peers. In other words, the female adult would show total disregard to the long-term consequences, to which, the male is being observed by females within his age-group. Often, the female disciplinary, was not the child's mother. And, although, fathers were also guilty of committing corporal punishment against their sons, it was generally the female adults who would perform this while in the presence of others. Thus, it was likely for a babysitter, or an aunt to spank a boy, while often exposing him, as well.

More outlandishly, this 'bare-butt' spanking was commonplace inside our schools. Always a female teacher would place the boy against her knee, and remove his pants while observers witnessed the activity. This represents a form of gender inequality which is truly unimaginable.

Now, you might believe that such activity is a distant memory, from the 19th century. Well, guess again. This was a useful tool in grammar schools, during the 1950's. It served to effectively install fear onto boys, including those who were mere observers. Does this all sound ridiculous? Interestingly, there are still many female school-teachers who consider this to be a valid method of punishing boys. In fact, you can corroborate my story by simply visiting many educational forums. You can read this information firsthand, which unquestionably corroborates my story. Thus, Well into the 21st Century, many administrators recognize this as an effective way of disciplining boys. (naturally, they fail to mention, that such methods prove equally effective when being used against girls. Or, for that matter, when being used against Iraqi soldiers).

This type of discipline was even being used during the 1970's. There was a well-documented case in Britain, during that time. And the female teacher would spank boys, while being observed by the entire classroom. And, these 'spankings' always included the removing of his clothing. More importantly, she would only punish boys in this manner. And, never once, was any girl punished in this manner.

Also, during the 1970's, many grammar schools began to install temporary cameras in the classroom. Their purpose was to observe activity for educational merit. And, the teacher & students ALWAYS knew when the cameras were present (which happened to be for just one day). this was NOT the age of micro-cameras, and hidden footage. SO, in short, the teachers willingly participated in the experiment, and the camera was enormous & bulky.

So, during one class, a teacher decided to spank a boy. It was suspected that he was speaking out-of-turn. So, the adult female grabbed the boy, and proceeded to pull down his pants & underwear. She didn't bother to leave the classroom, or, take the boy into a back corner. Rather instead, this spanking was seen vividly by the entire classmates. The motion-picture also captured this moment, as well. And, clearly, his penis and testicles could be seen by everyone.
IT'S IMPORTANT TO REMIND EVERYONE, that, the teacher KNEW she was being filmed. Thus, she obviously didn't consider it to be such a big deal. Nor, did she worry about possible consequences for committing this act.

But, then again, there was good reason for punishing him, right? Once again, women are always given excuses to justify their motives. The same methods are very true, today. One primary reason why our Text-books are saturated with Feminazi propaganda, is because, many faculty members claimed that the previous literature favored boys.

In the 1980's, female school teachers merely threatened to give a 'bare ass' spanking. One boy (1960's) remembers when his art teacher could literally make him cry, just by threatening to make him wear diapers, in front of the classroom. We hear similar accounts, which finally began to die-out during the 1980's.

Most importantly, many Female school-teachers still commend these actions. And, they feel it would be an excellent idea to return this type of corporal punishment. And, needless to say, boys alone would be punished in this manner.

Teachers recognize this punishment, as an effective tool of keeping males submissive, obedience, and subordinate. .....Not to mention, the female teachers always got alittle eye-candy, during the process.



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